Thursday, September 12, 2019

Write about childhood and adolescence and your classmate sharing their Essay

Write about childhood and adolescence and your classmate sharing their story - Essay Example All those years that I have passed gave me some bitterness because with the passage of time, I lost many people who were close to me. I have heard people saying that the transformation from childhood to teenage or adolescence appears very charming and attractive because as adolescents, people get a chance to enjoy more liberty, empowerment and independence, however, this was not the case with me. My mother was there to take care of me as a single parent, so she appeared more domineering and controlling giving very less liberty to me considering me wrong most of the times. Therefore, turning a teenager was a sad experience for me. I was dislocated, having less confidence and enjoying very little liberty. My mother has good income so she allows getting anything with money, but she is not accommodative as a friend due to which, I really feel that I have nobody close to me to whom I can share everything that I feel. This has dragged me to seclusion and lonesomeness. As a teenager, when I started realizing everything around me, I turned to my raw self for assistance, as there was no loving experienced guidance for me, just strict controlling cautions from my mother. I wanted to have friends with whom I could hang out and have fun, but I was never allowed. I was just allowed to study and that was all. Therefore, I consider my childhood better than my adolescence. One of my classmates shared her experience of turning to adulthood with me. She informed me that as a child, she enjoyed the care of her father and mother who cared for all her siblings along with her. However, when she grew young and got married, she had to undergo extreme pressure from her family. She was supposed to take care of her parents, her siblings and also her children. As a young person, she was under immense pressure and she was very upset. She was not ready to let go of her parents as she regarded them not as her parents, but her children for whom, she

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