Saturday, September 7, 2019

World Literature Group Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

World Literature Group Project - Essay Example Sir Thomas Browne was not only a renowned author but a physician too (1605–82), and this preoccupation of his is reflected in his works. His works reflected his viewpoint as a Scientist, physician and psychologist. Many of his essays reflect his interests in nature. From the essays we can also verbally see his interest in pseudo-orthodoxy but how he would incorporate it is an exquisite challenge. His point of view is, â€Å"A curious mix of traditional and non-traditional ideology that never fully becomes one thing or the other in his articulation of it†. (Borderland, 2002) For him there is nothing, which is too big and too small, which is of great importance and which is of less importance. All has a specific place in a Universe, which he tries to visualize and posters as someone align. He never contemplates on the issue of the various steps, which leads to the life’s existence on this earth, but he focused on the external signs of mortality, which are visible to our eyes, and what is in store for us after death. As any other greatest writer he truly contemplates on the aspect that style in the man. He is permeated with the Platonic mysticism, which enables him to visualize this world as the image. And this is his theme, which his implies in his works He thinks that whole world is an image, a shadow of a system created by nature and God- This is a shadow which is invisible but which is pouring us with life and soul. The whole life we are leading is a whole image and a good experience from which is basically a food for us to meditate and ponder upon. The use of sophisticated words, citations, use of metaphors and analogies were quite common among writers of 17th century but Browne was exceptional as he uses them with ardent skill and edge of his mental power. His Religio Medici entails his own religious beliefs and how well to apply these religious beliefs in the world and

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