Thursday, October 17, 2019

The effect of a New Technology on Society, Education, Entertainment, Research Paper

The effect of a New Technology on Society, Education, Entertainment, Financial Interests - Research Paper Example To gain a thorough understanding of the effect that technology has we will look at the impact it has had on the social, educational, entertainment as well as financial spheres. As far as technology goes the impact that it has had on the society has been in phenomenal. Every aspect of life has been altered due to the impression made by technology. It not only affects people regardless of their ages worldwide but it also goes to reflect the novelty that the human mind is capable of. How the society is affected by the introduction of rapid technological innovations can be categorized by looking at the most altering technologies. The first of these is the internet technology. Gone are the times when people struggle to gain information and date in order to make critical decisions. The introduction of the internet fills that information gap providing consumers with a wealth of information to make smart and informed decisions. It provides a platform for students as well as teachers for cons ultation or referrals. The Internet provides a place for businesses as well as individuals to find the information that they need and the exchange of information a simplified process. Not only can through proper usage companies build themselves it can enable consumers to easily search for specific services tailor made for them (McGinn, 2001). Despite the ease of information and flexibility that is the result of the technological progress of the World Wide Web there are other negative implications that it has contributed to as far as the society is concerned. True that consumer can make better decisions resulting in an influx of products that are of higher quality and value. Also it has lead to the world moving towards a society where individuals everywhere are integrated and a lot more connected however there are harmful implications of this technology as well. The first of these is the availability of harmful and unhealthy material reliable online that is easy to access for everyon e regardless of age. There are then also individuals who publish harmful material on the internet and due to weak controls to censor children and adults alike have easy access. Internet crime, in terms of hacking, blackmailing and manipulation online is another negative implication due to the introduction of this technology. Cyber crime is now a threatening advent of the society on which is possible only due to the introduction of internet technology. The introduction of nano technology is also deep rooted as far as the restructuring of the society is concerned. It has impacted not only the area of human health, by the use of nanotechnology to treat diseases like cancer but also the way it can be used to dismantle cancer tumors. The health sector has made numerous advancements which have led to the treatment of diseases effectively and enhancing human health leading to higher life expectancy. In addition to the impact on the health sector, the electronics industry is also affected d ue to nanotechnology. This can be seen in the way the use of the nano, variable devices and applications can be built. A significant incorporation of this concept is used for combat as well as espionage for considerable improvements in military strength and defense. Energy technology is another category which has impacted the society and our way of living today. This can be seen by the introduction of solar, wind and hydrogen technology of the battery. These

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