Saturday, October 19, 2019

Business Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 9

Business Ethics - Essay Example A wrong action results in unhappiness in any or all affected by the case including the decision maker. Utilitarianism will give the argument that an unethical action will result in the pain or unhappiness to the decision maker or other parties involved in the action while a right action is aimed at ensuring all are happy and no one is pained by the decision. The strengths of utilitarianism include being simple and straightforward in decision-making through analyzing if any decision will result in unhappiness and pain and concluding that the action is unethical. Utilitarianism has ethical principles that are easily applicable in the society. Deontology: the decision on the ethicality of an action is based on the moral rules that guide certain actions in the society. Deontology considers a right action as one that follows the moral rules, and subjectivity is not allowed by the decision maker (Boylan, 2014). A wrong is one that goes against moral values and each person in the society consider the action morally wrong. Deontologists would give the argument that right motivations behind a certain action is moral and the decision maker should not consider the consequences of their action but the moral rules guiding the behavior on certain actions to determine their rightness or wrongness. Deontology’s strengths include considerations on friends, family, moral standing in the society, relatives, and all affected by the case. The other strength is that deontology allow better performance o one’s duties and accordance to moral obligation in the society. Ethical Intuitionism: this theory based on the use of intuition and intuitive awareness to realize moral beliefs that a person has to use these moral beliefs as a guide on wrongness and rightness of a course of action. Ethical intuitionists would argue that a choice must be based on the moral beliefs of a person on the rightness of the action. The strengths of ethical intuitionism include

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