Saturday, February 8, 2020

Why should national parliaments have a role in the EU framework What Essay

Why should national parliaments have a role in the EU framework What role should national parliaments play in a) shaping, and b) scrutinising, EU decision making - Essay Example In the commission, each commissioner’s cabinet includes a member responsible for relations with the parliament, and the regular meetings of this group of advisers has become an important feature of policy co-ordination within the commission; in addition, one commissioner has designated responsibility for relations within the European Parliament1. While relations between the EU institutions have become increasingly interdependent, there has also been growing need for co-operation between the national and EU level for the purposes of development and significance in implementation of EU policies. Since, in the course of establishment of the single market, much of the European economy has been re-regulated at the European level, greater responsibility has fallen on the Member states’ administrations to implement European legislations. This has had a dynamic effect on both the national and the European level; within member states, national (and often regional and local) authorities have had to familiarize themselves with the European Union regulations that they have to implement. Hence each of the national parliaments has to be involved in the consultation aspects when it comes to the formulation and scrutiny of these regulations. On the European level, the decision making institutions, and the commission in particular had to design regulations for centralized application, anticipating and overcoming difficulties in ensuring uniform implementation and compliance. The result from these ripple effects of developments in the 1980s and 1990s has been the need for effective and continuous communication between the policy makers and the scientific experts from the member states, commission and council officials and members of the European and national parliaments. The absence of any institution or set of interests having hierarchical control over the decision making process is one of the reasons why committees have become such an institution or

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