Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Coursework Example The histogram has got two peaks; therefore we can conclude it is bimodal. The data is not normally distributed, judging from the fact that the histogram is not bell shaped. If we disregard one of the peaks, say the one to the left since it does not have a lot of points around it, then the data would be extremely skewed to the left. From this histogram, we can observe that the mean lies between the two peaks, while the median lies much to the left. However, there appears to be no outliers in the data as none appear clearly on the histogram. The histogram is approximately bell shaped, which point to the fact that the data is approximately normally distributed. The existence of one peak shows that the data is uni-modal, while the median and mean lie around the peak. To the right of the histogram there appears several outliers (values largely spaced from the rest). For this data, the mean does not properly explain the histogram because of the bimodality feature of the data portrayed by the histogram. The standard deviation is fairly large, and equally fairly explains the great spread of values in the histogram. For this data, the mean lies around the peak of the histogram, and this is clearly around 20. The standard deviation is also small compared to the mean, and from the fact that the data are normally distributed , and most values close to the mean and the median, the low standard deviation is

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